Luxury Interior and Architectural Design Dubai | 5 DESIGN TRENDS FOR COMMERCIAL INTERIORS
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Designing interiors for commercial properties is a tricky business. The space must be efficient and cost-effective, but also create a unique and engaging experience. Here are a few trends for a perfect commercial interior design Dubai:

1. Deep Tones

Lately, the most important factor for a commercial interior design Dubai is reflecting the inherent beauty of nature, deep cooling tones are the flavor of the year. Look to use charcoals and greys tinged with greens. Combine them with ivory, stone, and taupe for balance.

2. Super-scale and geometric patterns

Small-scale commercial interior design Dubai has long been expected from hotel or hospital flooring around the country. But expect to see them phased out over 2013 in favor of more dramatic, large-scale, geometric patterns.
These striking designs help business create a true design statement that expresses personality and makes a lasting impression on visitors.

3. Form over function

It used to be that cost was the primary factor influencing decisions to purchase office furniture. However, with an ever-increasing focus on ergonomic commercial interior design Dubai, the furniture in a modern workplace needs to be comfortable as well as cost-effective.
Expect to see more features like adjustable arms and head rests on office seating, as well as the emergence of standing height desks.

4. Quirky combinations

Interior designers today are moving away from obvious formulaic themes and instead including a variety of unexpected quirky touches to make each space unique.
A pertinent example of trending commercial interior design Dubai is the rise of non-matching floor tiles, which, though it may sound bizarre, can look great if applied in the right way.

5. Eco-builds

With corporations coming under increasing pressure to meet social obligations, there is a drive towards promoting eco-friendly commercial interior design Dubai.

While glass use has generally been considered a mark of energy inefficiency, new advances in window design mean that this is no longer the case — glass looks set to become a staple of future eco-builds.

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