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Amazing Four Decorative Pairings

10 Mar Amazing Four Decorative Pairings

With the year underway, it’s time to embrace the trends we’ve been hearing about and put them to work in our homes. According to interior designer Dubai, these decorative pairings will fast-track your decision making and refresh your home in all the right ways. Let’s get going!

Baby pink and blue

It may seem somewhat a very controversial decision to showcase, especially that it is not one, but two colors for this year’s Color of the Year. But it seemed the natural place to kick-start our pair-ups. Interior designer Dubai predicted that sweet pink Rose Quartz and soft purplish-blue Serenity are going to be big this year, bringing light and peace into our lives.

Burnished copper and leather

Interior designer Dubai insists that metallics became part of the furniture last year, and there’s no sign of that letting up in 2016. Interior designer Dubai explains that hard silvery metals are being outclassed by burnished coppers, bronzes, and aged brass and iron in furniture accents, lamps and accessories.

Wood and brass

On the subject of pairing metallics and natural materials, give brass and wood a try. When asked to choose among five materials — wood, stone, copper, polished concrete and porcelain tile — interior designer Dubai voted for wood as their go-to for next year.

Plywood and … more plywood

As we said, there’s a huge trend toward wood going on. The popular, warm feel of wood, as found in Japanese and Nordic styles, will keep growing, predict interior designer Dubai. Plywood, too, is continuing its upward swing. Plywood is being used for walls, floors, stairs and even ceilings.

SWAH Design is a full-service firm with skill and experience to meet your needs throughout every step of the way in Dubai, from initial proposal to on-site completion with upscale and high-end interior designer Dubai that could help you use these four decorative pairings, and we promise the results will be extravagant!