Luxury Interior and Architectural Design Dubai | Architectural Tricks to Enhance an Open-Plan Space
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Architectural Tricks to Enhance an Open-Plan Space

23 Mar Architectural Tricks to Enhance an Open-Plan Space

People are increasingly excited by the lifestyle possibilities offered by open-plan living, but sometimes are frightened off by the idea of rattling around in a big, soulless space. To avoid having an open-plan space that looks dull and flat, borrow ideas from architectural design Dubai that define different zones.

Define your zones

People often think they must have either separate rooms or an open plan. The reality in architectural design Dubai is not so black and white, as the relationship between different zones can be manipulated by varying degrees, to emphasize their separation or integration. Changes in floor level, floor finish, ceiling condition, furniture arrangement and many other devices can all contribute to this fine-tuning.

Create layered views

When considering architectural design Dubai ideas for opening up your interior, look for opportunities to set up views with layers. For example, the dining area will be the first layer, kitchen area will be the second, and the garden beyond is the third layer. These layers give an illusion of much greater space and depth than would otherwise be felt.

Use daylight as a highlighter

Daylight is the most wonderful magnifier of interior spaces in architectural design Dubai. If you can bring more natural light into your home, it will have a great effect in maximizing the sense of space — and even in an already opened-up area, this is generally a benefit.

It does need to be done intelligently; however, as too much daylight flooding in — particularly too much direct sunlight — can be overwhelming. So try to use daylight to create highlight points among the layers, enhancing the visual separation and creating greater depth.

Think about angles of light

As well as using daylight to create focal points, as previously described, another good tip for the perfect architectural design Dubai is to think about the angle from which the light is coming and how that light illuminates the different spaces and zones in your views.

Daylight from a high angle is generally more intense and will reach farther into an interior than that from a low angle, so use roof lights and position windows and glazed doors as high to the ceiling as you can to maximize the airy feeling.

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