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The Trendy Colors Combination for a Stylish Interior Design

07 Apr The Trendy Colors Combination for a Stylish Interior Design

You’ve seen them everywhere this spring, showing up in fashion, housewares and home interior design Dubai — colors on the cool side of the spectrum, like vibrant greens, bold blues, lush violets and steely grays.

So when it comes to redecorating your house, think about: paint, simple window treatments, pillows and other accessories — by all means take the plunge and invest in a few items in your favorite trendy hues for a new stylish interior design Dubai.

Gray has been the go-to neutral for a while now. Designers find it crisper and clean looking than ubiquitous beige. But gray lacks the warmth of beige, so to create a perfect interior design Dubai, try pairing it with warm wood tones or a warm accent hue, such as the yellow-green. For example, a space layered in different shades of medium to light grays with a super sophisticated vibe. With a base of gray tones in a room, you can add a dash of any other color you want, even beige.

Interior design Dubai professionals tend to stick with neutral colors when selecting furniture nowadays, but there is just something so fabulous about magenta-hued. We just love them it! But keep in mind that the magenta must be the only vibrant hue in the space. If it is competed with a green or blue, it would quickly go from awesome to overload.

Combinations of blue and green, specifically watery blues and bright, shocking greens are the new trend for a stylish interior design Dubai. They just play off each other so well. And even though they are cool colors, they feel pleasant and inviting together — perhaps because we associate them with nature, the sea and the sky.

As much as interior design Dubai professionals love working with gray, another neutral they are turning to more and more is navy blue. Softer than black, it still offers drama and plays well with all other colors. It forms a nice triad with the lighter gray-blue and the olive green.

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